Career Counselling
In this day of high connectivity and exposure the need for counselling in schools has become more and more relevant. The youngsters need to start thinking about their future careers, which needs a lot of focus and mature thinking, and unfortunately this is also the time when they are going through a lot of confusions and emotional upheavals. Each one is trying to find his/her identity while at the same time trying not to be the odd one out. The counselling cell at GHHP School is alive to this need and is thus functioning accordingly. Counselling at GHHPS is conducted by a professional counsellor trained in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy based on ‘All Round Counselling Model’ to carter to all areas where a child feels challenged like emotional, psychological, social interaction etc. • Provide social and emotional assessment to identify student needs and develop interventions and prevention programme. • Life skills education that allows them to effectively deal with different situations like conflict resolution, relationship management, physical health, stress and managing peer pressure. • Individual and group sessions are offered to students to consult the counsellor.

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