At GHHPS, the curriculum is in accordance with the guidelines of CBSE and is based on the CCE pattern. Our prime focus is all around development of a child. Along with conventional techniques of classroom teaching, we have incorporated modern techniques like role plays, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and presentations. More emphasis is laid on teaching through practical approach by taking students on field trips, industry visits and other leisure activities. We provide a child with a platform to realize his potential, discover his talents and improve in the areas he/she feels challenged in. Our main objective is to provide a stress free environment for children to learn and grow while challenging them to higher standards so that they are well prepared to meet challenges of the ever evolving and highly competitive world. Tools of Learning Comprehensive Curriculum: Our Curriculum is designed to help children get the best of classroom teaching, Digiclass learning and participative methodology. Though we focus on learning of textual content, we also encourage students to reason, interpret and infer. This substantiates understanding and logic building. Digital Classes: With advances in technology, it is imperative that a child sees beyond the sphere of textbooks and notes. Most of our curriculum is uploaded on digi board making it interactive through multimedia and animations, aiding in better understanding of the topic and abetting disinterest among students towards learning.

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