Principal Message
The entire life is an odyssey in which a person may put efforts to touch the sky or mar the value of his/her existence. Therefore education, indeed true education acts as a guiding force and influence so put the things in life in perfect co- ordination. Overall development of personality is the lasting spirit which gets imbibed into the person when refined with quality educative process.Human resource of any country is the most important resources but more so of a developing nation like ours. We are fully aware of the great responsibility we are carrying molding young minds. We make arrangements for extracurricular activities and sports. Promote fine arts, music, panting, drama, and dance. In short to help the community to bring up strong disciplined value based human resources. Education has no limit. Strive and soar high is our motto. Education forms the basis and lies at the foundation for the development of any society and each school adds on its bit to this development. In GHHPS we understand this responsibility well and try to create a world through our children, who are full of promises and hopes. Our constant endeavor for excellence in all respective fields of a child’s development is a living testimony of our everlasting commitment. In alignment with the motto of the school, ‘ Strive for the Best’ our school has opened portals for scientifically-structured pattern of approach for teaching and learning, under conditions conducive to comprehensive and intense learning. We, at GHHPS are assimilating latest technology, cosmopolitan curriculum and human values into our child centric approach…We try to teach every child the way he learns.We know that being a parent is the greatest blessing of life, and trust me, seeing your child sprout and bloom into a complete individual of determination, of beauty and character, of efficiency and adjustment and above all wisdom through knowledge is the greatest blessing for us.

 Navjot Kaur Takkar


” Second chance does not mean anything if you haven’t learn anything from your first mistake”

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