Visual Arts
The entire strength of school is divided into four houses, viz. Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Theta for infusing healthy competitive spirit amongst the children. Houses ALPA – RED BETA – BLUE GAMMA – GREEN THETA – YELLOW Activities should be an enjoyable and enriching experience for the students. Activities should be a source of enjoyment and a medium to bring out the best in a student. At GHHPS, activities provide a platform to students to realize their potential and to explore their talents. We ensure that activities provide us an opportunity to recognise talent and groom students in such a way so that they may be presented at higher platforms with full confidence and preparation. Approach: Activities are repeated on the basis of their:  Relation to the Curriculum 1. Co-Curricular 2. Extra-Curricular 3. Visual and performing arts  Student Participation 1. Mass Participation 2. Group Participation 3. Solo Participation Art education is essential for developing an aesthetic sense among students. Visual arts sensitises an individual socially, emotionally and spiritually. Arts, apart from being a hobby, provide an insight for in depth thinking and helps improve emotional quotient of a child. Art stimulates imagination by helping a person think beyond the boundaries of logic and reality. In a way we can say that arts help push a child beyond the horizon of “what is” and unlock a child’s potential to imagine and create. It enables an individual to discover the unknown, to reason the known and to imagine the better. These habits include observing, envisioning, innovating, and reflecting; each has a high value as a learning tool, both in school and elsewhere in life. • Best out of Waste • Greeting card • Salad Style • Logo mania/punch lines Famous/Business personalities • Speech/debate/declamation • Aptitude and Language quizzes • Dance –Indian free style, Folk and Western • Music- Vocal and Instruments • Drawing & Painting • Clay Modelling • Paper Craft & Papermache • Collages • Rangoli • Calligraphy • Flower Decoration

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